TimeDock upgrade features - Version 2.5

2.5 - Improved web interface

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Visual improvements

The TimeDock web platform has been redesigned to be easier and smarter to use, and nicer on the eyes. The majority of the interface should feel familiar as compared with the previous version.

Editing employee information with TimeDock Screenshot of TimeDock timesheet from 2016 Screenshot of staff ID card popup

Timesheet interface elements

The new timesheet adds a few extra enhances such as a time-sheet dropdown for choosing which timesheet to view, color-coded issue filtering, heat-mapping for improved readability, sort by column, show cost column, totals, show in/out times, and more.

New timesheet features

Tidier forms

Add/Edit forms have been tidied up with redundant fields removed, and lesser-used fields hidden under an 'advanced options' expandable menu.

Streamlined Add/Edit Forms

More reports

We've added a few new reports and refreshed the design of the existing ones. PDF export of the reports has been tidied up a bit too.

Jobsheet with Staff Summary

TimeDock jobsheet employee report

Jobsheet with Staff Detail

TimeDock jobsheet detailed report

Staff Timesheets Detailed

TimeDock staff timesheets detailed report

Performance enhancements

We've improved the performance on a number of pages with the most notable change on the timesheets.

New system settings

We've added a couple new system settings:

Currency symbol
Choose between $, £, .

Name format
Choose from a number of display formats i.e. LASTNAME firstname.