Swipe in, anywhere, with TimeDock mobile time terminals.
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Swipe in, anywhere, with TimeDock's time terminals.

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What if we don't have internet out on site?

No problem! You can use TimeDock to clock in your employee badges anywhere, even when there's no current internet connection. TimeDock will store the start/stop times on the phone or tablet in the meantime. Later, the TimeDock app will automatically send the time punches to our secure servers allowing you to review in timesheet format from our online web platform.

How many devices can we have?

As many devices as you like! TimeDock was designed specifically for turning field-based supervisor's mobile phones into time station terminals, ready to swipe in staff badges. We designed the TimeDock apps to be quick and robust at checking staff in when they arrive on the job.

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Can we see timesheets at any time throughout the day?

Absolutely! You can log into your TimeDock dashboard at any time and see a live update of the company timesheets. Here's what they look like:

TimeDock's density-mapped online timesheets

Do you support job timesheets?

Yes. You can easily create different jobs for supervisors to scan their staff into, then review those job timesheets online. You can also generate reports for total job hours and labour cost.

How much does it cost?


per employee per month

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