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Business fined for lack of time-sheets

Mechanic Amit Sharan's boss regularly underpaid him for his time worked, resulting in a $30,000 fine and a lump sump reimbursement liability of $33k.

How to find blue-collar workers that perform

Hiring A-players can often be compared to dating. Upon initial meeting you’re presented with highly-groomed face value in the form of a CV, references, and ‘gift of the gab’. But, all too often, the hire begins to reveal their true habits the longer they remain with the company.

How to create an enterprise-grade portable time tracking system using NFC tags, Android mobile devices, and TimeDock.com

Employees approach their supervisor when they arrive to work, who taps his/her phone to the employee's NFC identication tag to start counting time. Additionally, a job code and/or activity code can be assigned to categorise the hours worked on the employee time-sheet. Then, at the end of the shift, the employee again approaches a supervisor who tags them out.

How to simplify employee time tracking for construction crews

Mobile time tracking apps are tedious. They show you long lists of employees which require scrolling and searches to find individual employees. They don't scale and they don't work well for construction professionals.

How to get employees to submit timesheets on time

Techniques your competitors use to make payroll processing more than 60% easier.