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How to simplify employee time tracking for construction crews, without the complexity of other time tracking applications.

Written by Le-roy Staines, CEO of TimeDock on

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For most crew-based organizations operating on multiple external job sites, particularly those in construction, the task of collecting and processing timesheets is a time consuming bottle-neck to paying staff wages and running job cost reports.

Mobile apps are tedious. They show you long lists of employees which require scrolling and searches to find individual employees. They don't scale and they don't work well for construction professionals.

The easiest method, and most scalable, is to assign an ID card to each staff member and incorporate a unique barcode or NFC chip which you can scan to clock IN or OUT. With TimeDock, that's exactly what you do. Staff are each given their own ID card, which you can print and laminate yourself, and approach a manager with TimeDock installed on their iPhone or Android. The manager simply waves their phone over the card to swipe them in or out.

Administrators can create jobs from their TimeDock web dashboard and dispatch them out to users who can swipe staff into a specific project, task, activity or a combination. Timesheets and job hours are then available online and in real-time.

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TimeDock.com is a contactless ID card time tracking system for Android and iOS.

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This article was written by Le-roy Staines, CEO of TimeDock - web-based time and attendance platform