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TimeDock FAQ

Frequently asked questions about TimeDock

Billing and Subscriptions

How much does TimeDock cost?
Simple pricing of USD $5 per active employee per month.
Are there any setup fees?
Self-service setup is free. If you require setup assistance a consultation fee may apply. Please contact us for more information.
Can we pay by Direct Debit or International Transfer?
In the interest of streamlining costs, and passing those along to you, we only accept credit card payment via our secure merchant (PayPal), at this time.
Do I need a PayPal account to pay?
In most countries you can 'guest pay' by entering your credit card details into PayPal. However, some countries have prohibited PayPal from taking payment without first registering an account.
Will you charge my credit card automatically?
We only support manual payments at this time. Your card will not be charged automatically (and never will without your permission).
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. We do not offer any type of refunds.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Email us. Please be aware we will need to verify that you are the owner of the account.
How can I view my subscription details and billing history?
Log into your TimeDock web portal and navigate to Account > Billing

Signing up, Plans and Limits

How do we upgrade to a paid plan?
If you are still within the trial period there is a button in the top menu of the TimeDock web portal called "Upgrade Plan" -click it to start the process and selecting a plan.
Will we get more features if we upgrade our trial?
No. Trials are full-featured (with a time limit). This lets you test all functionality before you make a decision to purchase.
How can I view my current subscription?
Navigate to the billing screen within your TimeDock web portal via Account > Billing.
Where can I can an invoice for my subscription payment?
Log into your TimeDock and navigate to Account > Billing. Click an invoice to view as PDF.
I'd like to sign up but your default plan/s are too expensive.
We've priced ourselves competitively for small to medium sized organizations. For larger organizations we offer fixed custom plans. Email us for more information.
What happens if we exceed our plan limit?
You'll be charged 'pro rata', for that billing month.

Reporting and Notifications

Can I export my reports?
In most instances you can export your reports as PDF or CSV (Excel).
How often do you send email notifications?
We do not send notifications unless configured to within your Account settings. We may, from time to time, contact you via email for support, sales and system information.
Can we create custom reports?
Some basic reporting customization is available however we do have more advanced reporting on our roadmap for future implementation.

Mobile Apps

How much data does the TimeDock mobile App use?
Data used is proportional to the number of employees you have within your organization. Below is a table representing estimated data usage, based on full-time employees.
Estimated data usage (per phone)
1-25 ~25mb per month.
26-100 ~50mb per month.
101-250 ~100mb per month.
251-1000 ~300mb per month.
1001-2500 ~750mb per month.
Is TimeDock available on the iPhone and iPad?
Yes, TimeDock is available in the App Store -here.
Is TimeDock available on Android?
Yes, TimeDock is available in Google Play -here.
Can we use the TimeDock web portal in mobile browsers?
Technically yes, but for the best experience please view on a Tablet device, Laptop or PC.