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Autofill your job and staff timesheets with TimeDock + Tidy

Automate your timesheet tracking from anywhere, and in realtime with a simple to use time clock system that integrates seamlessly with Tidy.

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Tidy + TimeDock = Realtime time tracking for your projects

Increase accuracy

Increase accuracy by a notable margin

Reduce margin of error on your timesheets and job hours by 2% to 7%.


Save time by eliminating manual time entries

Send your timesheets directly to Tidy with a single click of the button.

Online presence

Access your time entries from anywhere

Synchronise your time and attendance with Cloud Time Clocks and mobile apps.

About TimeDock

TimeDock is a plug-and-play cloud time clock platform owned and developed in New Zealand

  • QR Code and NFC apps for clocking employees into work out in the field.

  • Unique hardware option for employee self-service clocking.

  • Send your timesheets through to Tidy just like that!

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About Tidy

Improve business efficiency and make smarter decisions with Tidy's suite of solutions to grow your business and feel fully in control of your inventory and projects.

  • Increase efficiency by streamlining business processes.

  • Take real-time control of business anytime anywhere.

  • Gain insights of your business performance with powerful standard and customised reporting.

  • Be flexible. Upscale or downsize as your business needs change.

  • Be secure with cloud-based data backups.

  • Simple cloud software provided to a range of world-wide industries that need to cost-up, control and deliver projects or manage stock.

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How TimeDock works with Tidy

TimeDock synchronises with Tidy, for a seamless experience when importing your staff and job timesheets into Tidy's project management software.

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Time Entries

Learn more about how TimeDock stores and processes employee data.

Recent feedback from customers...

Superior Boats

Superior Boats

I really like the system, it looks simple, it’s clear, simple to use and simple to operate. -Jacquie, Director.
Mr. Hao

Mr. Hao

Easy to use, well designed system. Great support from the team, overall very happy with our decision to go with timedock. -Julian, Owner.
Erlon Limited

Erlon Limited

I can see straight away what has been done. It saves us definately time and money. -Martina, Horticultural Division Manager.

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Smooth time tracking with TimeDock + Tidy

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