Account for everyone on site by scanning their QR Code or NFC badge, based on who has already clocked in with TimeDock.

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It takes under 5 minutes for a fire to completely engulf a building. Every second in a real fire or emergency is a matter of life and death.

When was the last time your staff were excited by the interruption of a fire drill? Stressful sirens, disruption to already time-sensitive tasks and projects, transitioning to a safe zone... practising a fire drill can be a tense affair, let alone a real emergency.

With everyone gathered in the safe zones, it's imperative that you account for everyone on location as quickly and effectively as possible, to identify who and where there might be people desperate for rescue when the fire service arrives.

Ask yourself this: if your Fire Wardens could evacuate themselves without first having to collect manual attendance records, could they get to the emergency safe zone more quickly and begin taking the vital roll call?

With TimeDock, your Fire Wardens can pull up a roll call based on everyone who's clocked in, from the phone already in their pocket. They can manually tick off employees, and even scan employee QR codes and NFC badges to tick them off the list.

An emergency drill may seem like a chore, but here are some frightening statistics from Fire & Safety Australia:

Practising emergency drills, with a roll call to account for those who have exited the area of danger safely, and then executing that plan effectively in the case of a real emergency, is paramount to saving lives and supporting employee morale.

And the great thing about TimeDock FireDrill is that you can scan employees as they arrive. You don't have to wait until it seems like everyone is there, before you start calling out the list of names. Simply have them report to the wardens on arrival so they can be scanned into the safe zone.

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