Time tracking for field based crews

Job and knock without the paperwork. TimeDock transforms your mobile devices into simple to use portable punch clocks.

There's nothing worse that being handed a pile of scribbled timesheets from the construction site, covered in dirt and grease, missing names and important details, at the end of the day right before payday.

How do you keep track of worker's hours when they are out on-site? Chances are you're losing a lot of time in admin and things aren't as accurate and straightforward as they could be with a smart device-based, live reporting system.

With paper-based timesheets, it can be notoriously tricky to keep track of hours for field workers, and the bigger the crew, the more challenging and more inaccurate it gets. No matter how you work it, someone will be left with a ton of paperwork to finish before they get to go home for the night.

In the best-case scenario, you've got emails and spreadsheets to wrangle which, let's face it, cause more work than they save.

Worst case, Brian is trying to find that choccy wrapper where he wrote down the time that Jodie left yesterday so he can call accounting to let them know before they put through the pay this week.

Have you seen this before? We have.

Then suddenly the timesheets come in, and you realise you've blown past the budget and are going to have to find a way to make it up or absorb thousands of dollars of losses that should have been avoided.

With TimeDock, there's a better way.

When an employee arrives on the job, the supervisor scans their QR Code or NFC ID card with their phone or tablet to clock them in. That information then syncs directly to your timesheet dashboard where your administrators can see that they've arrived.

Recording accurate timesheets and job hours in a simple and user-friendly way is what TimeDock does exceptionally.

No matter where you send your crew, you can rest assured that their hours are being accurately recorded and synchronised with your timesheets in the cloud. When it comes to payday, it's all there ready for payroll processing.

You'll know who those people are who arrive late, take a long lunch, and skip out early, as well as those who stay a little later to get the work done, preventing any surprises when you find out about it too late.

If you decide to bring someone else on board at the last minute, there's no need for them to come into the office to pick up scannable ID – they are fully printable so you can keep things moving. Or, we can courier durable plastic cards directly to your job site.

Using QR codes means no need to lug around proprietary barcode or swipe card readers and the intuitive user interface makes it simple for anyone to use. Any smartphone will do the job.

Even if the site is out in the countryside with no reception, your TimeDock app will record the information and send it through as soon as it connects to the internet again.

No matter how big or small the crew, TimeDock's scalable solution will be able to meet your needs. It's 2021 and times have changed. Don't leave it to chance when you can make sure that things are done right the first time.

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