Let your staff swipe on with QR Codes or NFC badges, for online timesheets and job hours. For iOS and Android.

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Just 5 minutes per day could be costing you over half a week per person, in lost productivity and inflated wages, every year.

* 5 min per day = 1,300 min per year.

Imagine how much business you could do if every employee had an extra 20 hours to utilise... while spending the same (or even less) on wages every month.

Profits would compound every month... you'd be able to re-invest more into growing your business, or spending more time with family. Your business would be a top performer in a cohort of highly effective business operators, maximising their utilisation of digital-age tools to amplify productivity.

Ask yourself... aren't you tired of chasing timesheets, correcting errors, typing numbers into a computer just so that you can get home at a reasonable time before payday?

This is where we introduce our elegently designed time tracking app for Android and iOS that uses QR Codes or NFC badges to emulate the usability of the traditional punch clock, tried and tested for over 130 years.

A.P.A. and research organisation Aberdeen Group found in a study of time and attendance strategies from 260 organisations, that by using a time clock solution organisations achieved:

What results will you achieve? Or in other words, what inspires you to look into this?

See what others think of TimeDock who've already streamlined their time and attendance operating procedures, or skip the queue and transform your business today.

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Review time entries, make adjustments and see who's at work

Log into your timesheet dashboard to review time entries and job hours as they happen.

See who has swiped-on at work for health and safety, what type of work code they're using and how many hours they've accrued on different work codes.

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83% of companies directly attribute positive changes in revenue to improved engagement, with an accurate time keeping system.

* Based on a study of 260 organisations by Aberdeen Group

Late and manually-entered (or hand-written) timesheet submissions are prone to forgetfulness and subsequent accuracy discrepancies.

Improve your timesheet data integrity by using supervisor's devices as badge-based mobile time clocks, encouraging workers and supervisors to adopt best-in-class time and attendance record keeping by swiping on when they start work.

Here's what "just a few minutes here and there" could be costing you, based on $20/hr, every year...

1 person 5 people 20 people 250 people
5 min late
(twice per week)
per year
per year
per year
per year
10 min late
(3x per week)
per year
per year
per year
per year

Here's what it'd take to become best-in-class for time keeping, in your industry...

per person, per month
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Customer feedback

Southmost Drywall, Inc.

Southmost Drywall, Inc.

TimeDock is very easy to understand and use. It is easy for the guys in the field to clock employees in and out. -Tina, Administration.
Erlon Limited

Erlon Limited

I can see straight away what has been done. It saves us definately time and money. -Martina, Horticultural Division Manager.
Central Florida Drywall & Plastering

Central Florida Drywall & Plastering

TimeDock has worked perfectly for our construction company. It has saved us 4 hours per week per supervisor vs paper time cards. -David, Project Manager.
RNP Homes

RNP Homes

Timedock has been awesome from the start and only gets better by the week :) -Karl G., Operations Manager.

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