Remote time tracking for payroll agencies - TimeDock

Remote time tracking for payroll agencies

TimeDock forces employees to clock in at the time they do the work. Other apps won't protect you from habbit regression like we do!

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Barcode / NFC time tracking for iOS & Android

The only mobile time clock app that's easier, and faster, than paper timesheets.

Payroll agencies use TimeDock to replace the 'fax-or-email-timesheets' process that consumes too much time in chasing up with employees, deciphering hasty scrawls, keying and calculating total hours, and storing time-sheet information in a digital vault for clients.

Paper timesheets are a major bottle-neck for payroll agencies as they are often neglected by employees and supervisors until the end of the pay week. TimeDock solves this problem by accruing in/out data just like a wall-mounted time-clock would, and converting that data into timesheets in real-time.

TimeDock app on iPhone

Time-tracking features

Custom CSV Export

Create a customised export for Excel, or third-party software import utilities.

Print your own ID's

Create your own staff ID cards or NFC tags, for clocking in with Android & iOS.

Job cost report

See how much you've spent on labour, with real-time job cost reports.

Task cards

Start new tasks by scanning task cards or NFC badges with TimeDock mobile.

Quality control

Common issues are automatically highlighted on the timesheet screen.

GPS location

Make sure employees are clocking in where they say they are, with GPS.

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