Superior Boats

has been using TimeDock since 2018

Superior Boats, New Zealand
Mike Botur from KiwiWords interviewed Jacquie Dorotich, Owner of Superior Group, about their use of TimeDock
Oct 1, 2020 at 9:32AM

"I really like the system, it's clear, simple to use and simple to operate"

Manurewa boat, float and motor home repair business Superior Group has been using a TimeTablet swipe-in swipe-out system since 2018.

Owner Jacquie Dorotich said she trialled TimeDock's TimeTablet time clock and swipe ID cards to manage her team of seven because she wanted an easy clock-in clock-out device to keep staff honest and on time.

Originally I got TimeDock for clocking in and clocking out but it had a facility for jobs and sub-jobs. It's about labour costing because we do a lot of repetitive manufacturing. A lot of our stuff is on fixed pricing, so we're monitoring how long people take versus how much they should take. If the hours run over, we assess why and what went wrong. In terms of accuracy with hours worked versus hours claiming, it's accurate.

Jacquie said she appreciates the YouTube help videos and online chat support.

I really like the system, it looks simple, it's clear, simple to use and simple to operate. When I ask TimeDock for features to be improved on, they tell me they note it for upgrades. They told me mine could get upgraded after they realised my tablet was an early version. They are currently upgrading the tablet I sent them. Le-Roy and Dave are good to deal with and if we can’t understand each other on chat, we talk on the phone.

- Jacquie Dorotich, Owner, Superior Boats

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