#1 Time Tracking App for Construction Crew Timesheets

TimeDock brings mobile swipe cards to construction time tracking

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Timesheet rounding, late timesheets, innacurate job-time allocation... not any more!

  • Simple swipe-card interface
  • GPS location capable
  • Pre-selected job codes
  • Instant online timesheets
  • Job labour cost reports
  • Scale to any size

TimeDock is an exceptionally simple swipe-card mobile app time tracking system for field-based organizations. Supervisors swipe or tap employee ID badges to their phone to clock in as they arrive on the job site.

Using a card/badge-based system offers significantly increased usability compared to other mobile time keeping apps that employ more cumbersome methods of time capture such as pin/password entry or manually selecting from a list of employees.

TimeDock is a full-stack self service time tracking system

Use any number of Android or iPhones, alongside iPad and dedicated wall-mounted time-clock units. Or easily build your own time punch clock by installing TimeDock on any tablet device and using the front camera to scan QR Code based employee ID badges as they arrive to work.

Only $5 per active employee per month

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