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Field Staff Badge Check In for Android & iOS

TimeDock transforms your mobile devices into portable punch clocks for field-based timesheet replacement.

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Ridiculously easy field-based timesheets

The only time-tracking app that's faster than paper.

TimeDock is designed for ultimate simplicity in field-based time-sheet tracking, and helps enforce good time-keeping habits for your staff.

Using QR-barcode or NFC tags, your supervisors' mobile phones become portable employee time-clock devices with a cloud-serviced management portal for payroll staff to review and manage time-sheet performance in real-time.

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TimeDock prevents time-sheet 'habit regression'

Paper-based and spread-sheet-based timesheets allow employees and supervisors to submit their hours late, innacurately, or even dishonestly. With TimeDock employees are required to 'swipe in' at the point that they start or stop work. If they forget to clock in on time then the only manual entries that can be made are by an administrator at a PC. This is by design and once enforced ensures that staff are accurately recording their time-sheet hours as they happen, rather than trying to recall them at the last possible moment.

TimeDock fights dishonesty

Unfortunately not every employee is 100% honest with their time-sheet recording. Sometimes they will 'innocently' round to the nearest half hour or even more maliciously, steel hours per day. TimeDock helps prevent the occasional bad egg by providing optional GPS recording at the point of clocking in and out. Employees will know that to get paid [by clocking in], they need to be where they say they are.

TimeDock makes timesheets easy!

No other time-sheet app for iOS and Android is as simple, intuitive or quick to use for staff out in the field.

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