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TimeDock streamlines job-tracking for Marine & Industrial Engineering - Case Study

We were one of the first to implement TimeDock’s wall-mounted TimeTablet device, alongside their iPhone mobile time-sheet app. They had a few early tweaks and adjustments, but ultimately we've found TimeDock really improved our project-tracking for manufacturing and engineering.

About Marine & Industrial Engineering

We're specialist engineers of ship repair, structural engineering, plant assembly & maintenance and pioneers of other interesting engineering projects throughout New Zealand.

How do you use TimeDock?

We use TimeDock to track jobs for our engineers and fabricators. They click onto the job [on their iphone] and swipe their ID card to start. When they're done they close the job and we are able to see the total hours consumed from our end [on a PC], then use that information for billing and job-cost reporting. Because all of this happens as it happens [in real-time], we are able to operate the job and billing side of our business in a very streamlined and efficient manor.

Has TimeDock saved you money and/or time?

Definately. We wouldn't keep using it if it didn't.

What do you like the most about TimeDock?

The ability to see, from my iPhone, everyone who's working and what job they're on. I'm always on the go and I don't always have a PC available to check project status or the time to check in with each employee. TimeDock empowers me to see that information at a glance, from anywhere.

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