Last updated - Apr 30, 2024 at 8:55AM

An activity is a way of categorising the type of work to be done. For example a carpenter may select from a choice of activity codes such as DIGGING, PLANNING or CONSTRUCTING, or any code as entered by the account administrator.

Adding an activity:

To add an activity log in and then navigate to Setup > Activities. From this screen click New to open the add new activity screen. Fill in the available fields and click Save.

Dispatching activities to devices:

For devices that are not set to see all activities by default, you can choose which activities to dispatch/assign to them.

See Dispatching activities to devices for instructions on dispatching and un-dispatching activities.

Using an activity:

Once you have added one or more activities simply scan IN an employee and you will be prompted to select an activity code, or none. For example, scan the employee's ID card. A screen will display with a list of activity code options. Tap one to select and the employee is now clocked in as working on this activity.

Switching activities:

Mobile app

To switch an activity using the Mobile App, scan the employee ID card IN to display a list of activity options available. NB: You can opt to clock the employee out first however it is not necessary to do so as the system will automatically run on from the previous IN record.

See Switching jobs with TimeDock for more information.


To switch an activity using a TimeTablet, scan the employee ID card IN to display a list of activity options available. NB: If the employee is clocked OUT, tap the middle of the OUT screen which will change the action to an IN and will display a list of activity options available.

See Switching jobs with TimeTablet for more information.

Manually adding time to an activity:

  1. Log into the TimeDock web portal.
  2. Select "Manual in/out".
  3. Submit the time entry form (refer to Adding time).

Printing activity cards: (optional)

To print an activity card navigate the Setup > Activities screen and click on the activities names in the list to select the ones you want to print a card for. Next, click on the Print option in the left-hand menu.

Using activity cards: (optional)

If you have printed an activity card, you can use the barcode scanner in the TimeDock mobile app (set to Scan IN) to scan the QR code on the activity card, as long as the activity has been dispatched to the device. This will select the activity for you to commence scanning employees in against.

Activity cards can only be scanned using the TimeDock mobile app, and not with the TimeTablet.