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Upgrade your Time Card Machine.

Access staff time-sheets and job hours online.

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TimeDock timesheets on Mac PC

Access your time-sheets any time, anywhere

Our Time Clock Machine is highly modular, scalable and connects directly to the most user-friendly online time-sheets platform available.

Our swipe card time clocks are exceptionally simple-to-use.

Plug-and-play as many machines as you like and log into your TimeDock for instant access to who's clocked in, real-time time-sheets and job reports.

Devices come with a 1-year warranty and a life expectancy of 4+ years. We're building these custom, from Android Tablet hardware, and priced accordingly.

Installation is rediculously easy

  1. Screw the mounting bracket to the wall.
  2. Plug the power adapter into the wall and connect to your Wifi connection.
  3. Configure your employees and any job codes within TimeDock.

What your online time-sheets will look like...

TimeDock online timesheet

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5 great reasons to upgrade your time card machine

  • Online time-sheets and job hours. Log in daily and check that time-sheets are in order and job hours are ticking up appropriately.

  • Scalable and modular. Install as many time clock devices as you need, anywhere with a Wifi connection point and power. TimeDock scales easily.

  • Mobile swipe card app available. Have staff out in the field? Supervisors and managers can use our TimeDock time tracking app to clock staff in out in the field, by scanning their proximity badges with Android and iOS phones. Staff can clock in at a machine, then directly onto a remote job site throughout the day.

  • Priced for high R.O.I. Our time clocks and software licensing are priced very competitively. Email us for pricing

  • Simple to use & learn. Clocking in is as simple as swiping a plastic proximity card. Reviewing time-sheets is as easy as logging in to your TimeDock web portal. Adjustments and manual time entries takes seconds.

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