Custom CSV export

Last updated - Jul 15, 2022 at 9:30AM


The TimeDock Custom CSV feature allows you to create your own timesheet export formats which you can save as templates for quick re-use, granting you the flexibility to perform tasks such as seamlessly build your own reporting, perform analysis, and integrate with third party software.

To create your own export format, log in to the TIMEDOCK web dashboard and navigate to Export and select Custom CSV.

Filters and options

Select how you would like to filter/select your timesheet data for exporting, and the type of timesheet rounding you would like applied to the exported data.

See Timesheet Rounding for information on how each rounding option works.

TimeDock CSV filter data

Data aggregate

Select how you would like to consolidate/aggregate your exported data, by clicking on one of the three options:

  1. Each In/Out - Each IN/OUT entry will be listed on a separate line. For example if Joe Bloggs clocked in at 7:00am this is included in one, and when he clocked out at 3:30pm this is included on a separate line.
  2. Paired - Each matching IN/OUT entry will be consolidated into a single line. This allows you to view durations for each time block that was recorded against the employee/s. Tip: If you have two IN transactions in a row then the export will handle this by stopping the first time block just as the second begins so that the time for any employee does not overlap.
  3. Daily - All daily time entries for an employee will be consolidated into a single row, meaning that there will be a maximum of one record per employee, per day. For example Joe Bloggs worked two different shifts on Friday however selecting this option will show only one line item with the total hours from both shifts.
TimeDock CSV data aggregate type

Export columns

Add columns to your data template by clicking or dragging from the Columns available list on the right-hand side.

To remove columns from your data template, click the red [x] button at the top-right of the column in the template box.

Not all columns are available depending on your selected data aggregate. For example, project/activity data isn't available for the Daily aggregate because it's associated to a single block or time, which a day can be made up of multiple.

TimeDock CSV data template

Save as a new template

If you want to save a copy of your export template for quick re-use in future, enter a name in template name textbox before clicking the Export to CSV button.

Any text present in the template name textbox when you click the Export to CSV button will trigger the template to be saved.

TimeDock CSV save template

Automatic break deductions

Use the Break deductions box to set rules for applying automatic deductions to your exported data. See Automatic Break Deductions for more information.

Select from an existing template

To quickly re-use an export template that you've previously created and saved, click on the From template option under the Data template section.

Click on a template name from the list to select it (highlighted blue) for export.

TimeDock CSV select template

Export data

Click the Export to CSV button to download a CSV file of your timesheet data. A CSV file is a flexible raw-data file that can be opened in spreadsheet applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel) and imported into a range of third party software applications.