Department tracking

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

An optional department code can be assigned to individual time-capturing devices such as team leaders or TimeTablets. The code is simply an alphanumeric code that gets exported under the 'department' column on selected payroll export files.

To add a department code to a time-capturing device first log in to the web portal and then navigate to Manage > Devices. Select the 'device' you wish to modify and a screen will display with details and options including the option to type in a department code. Type in the code you wish to use and a button 'Save changes' will appear above the details.

Once saved then all subsequent In/Outs clocked by that device will be stamped with the appropriate department code.

You can also use Projects as departments whereby the project is acting as a department and the project reference code substitutes as a department code (it is also exported as the department code in the export files). See Jobsheet Projects for more details on setting up and using projects.