Units feedback

Last updated - Jul 14, 2022 at 11:30AM

This feature is only available on the TimeDock mobile app, and not the wall-mounted TimeTablet devices.

Units feedback is a simple way to collect a numerical 'feedback' from the team leader when clocking out. Example usage might be an orchard worker who picked three crates of apples during their shift. The team leader with the phone clocks them out at the end of the day and enters '3' to represent the three crates.

Units feedback is currently available as a feature of Tasks and Projects. This means that you must first implement at least one of these with the units done setting turned on.

For details on how to implement a Task or Project refer to the jobsheet documentation.

Reporting on units completed:

To report on the number of units done submitted for each employee, create a custom CSV export using the Each In/Out or Paired aggregates and including the UnitsDone column from the list of available columns.