Exporting time-sheets from TimeDock into Sage 50cloud (US)

Last updated - Jun 28, 2022 at 11:30AM

Before exporting to Sage first make sure that the Payroll ID for each of your employees in TimeDock match each Employee ID within Sage.

Export timesheet file from TimeDock

  1. Login to your TimeDock account and navigate to Export.
  2. Choose Sage 50cloud (US) from the list of export formats.
  3. Select your timesheet date range by modifying the From and To filters. You can also choose a different rounding option or filter the exported timesheets by a specific department.
  4. Enter the regular Pay Level code within Sage.
  5. Choose a source to map to Activity Item within Sage. N.B. this is a mandatory field and must match to an inventory item set up in Sage with Item Class = 6.
  6. Choose a mode for Completed For.
  7. If completed for a Job or Customer, choose a mapping source.
  8. Choose if you want to create automatic break deductions by changing the settings in the Break Deductions box.
  9. Click Download File to save the timesheet file to your computer.

Import timesheet file into Sage 50cloud (US)

  1. Open your Sage desktop application.
  2. Click on File > Import/Export and select Time/Expense.
  3. Select Time Ticket Register and click Import.
  4. On the Fields tab, if Unit Duration is included, uncheck this field. Leave all other fields checked.
  5. On the Options tab, select the .csv file you downloaded from TimeDock by clicking the button under Import/Export File.
  6. Check the First Row Contains Headings option.
  7. Click OK to perform the import.

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