Camera Issues

Last updated - Sep 29, 2020 at 12:35PM

Camera "failed to start" until app reinstall

Android 6+ allows users, from the mobile system settings, to deny the camera permission to individual apps. Sometimes employees will do this to make the app appear as though it were broken.

Camera "failed to start" intermittently

This usually indicates either:

  1. The device has a hardware fault.
  2. The device has an operating system issue.
  3. The device has another app that isn't correctly releasing the camera, especially if that app crashed.
  4. Our application crashed whilst using the camera, failing to release the camera properly.

It is not normal for our application to crash, and could indicate other issues such as a device issue or incompatibility issue with a non-standard or very old model.

To try to resolve this issue:
First step is to restart the device. In many cases that can temporarily resolve the issue. If you know that our app did crash, causing the camera to fail until restart, then please alert us to this issue.