Exporting time-sheets from TimeDock into PaySauce

Last updated - Sep 23, 2022 at 11:15AM

Before exporting to PaySauce first make sure that the Payroll ID for each of your employees in TimeDock match each External Reference within PaySauce.

Configure PaySauce for timesheet import

  1. Login to your PaySauce account and navigate to Apps > Payroll and click on your company name in the top left-hand corner. PaySauce company settings
  2. Navigate to Settings > Tagsets and click the + button to add a new tagset. PaySauce tagset list
  3. Create a tagset with the following details.
    • Name: Factor.
    • Can Tag: Transaction.
    • Links With: Payment, Deduction, Timeband.
    • Add a tag for your ordinary hours pay code with label ORD and value 1.
    PaySauce factor tagset
  4. Navigate to Settings > Templates and click the + button to add a new template. PaySauce template list
  5. Create a template with the following details.
    • Template Type: Timesheet.
    • Time Captured: Timeband.
    • Allow Narration: Yes.
    • Type: Rate and Factor.
    • Default Factor: 1.
    • Factor Lookup: Factor.
    • If you want to include timesheet costings, create additional Tagsets and select these from the template Cost With list.
    PaySauce timesheet template
  6. Navigate to Employees and assign the timehseet template to each employee's primary payment. PaySauce employee timesheet template

Export timesheet file from TimeDock

  1. Login to your TimeDock account and navigate to Export.
  2. Choose PaySauce from the list of export formats.
  3. Select your timesheet date range by modifying the From and To filters. You can also choose a different rounding option or filter the exported timesheets by a specific department.
  4. Enter the Factor code for regular hours set up within your PaySauce account.
  5. If you have timesheet costings configured in PaySauce, optionally choose sources to map to a maximum of two costing Tagsets within PaySauce.
  6. Choose if you want to create automatic break deductions by changing the settings in the Break Deductions box.
  7. Click Download File to save the timesheet file to your computer.

Import timesheet file into PaySauce

  1. Login to your PaySauce account.
  2. Navigate to Run a Pay and open a New Period.
  3. In the Processing tab click on the clock button. PaySauce timesheet view
  4. Click on the up arrow button to open the import wizard. PaySauce timesheet import
  5. Follow the steps in the import wizard, ensuring you select the .csv file you downloaded from TimeDock.

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