Adding users and devices

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

Users refers to the users of the system (administrators, team leaders, etc.). For collecting time at least one employee must be added. See adding employees for more details.

User type Description
Account User

Can log in to TIMEDOCK web portal to review information. Can clock employees In/Out using any accepted method (i.e. our Employee Time-Clock mobile app).

Mobile App User

Can only clock employees In/Out via an app or device. Cannot log in to the web portal.

Adding an account user

Account users are able to log in to TIMEDOCK to view and manage account details such as recorded time, employee information etc.

First log in to and then use the top menu to navigate to Setup > Admin users. Then on the left-hand-side actions column click New. A form will appear where you will be able to enter details for this new account user. To complete the process click Save at the bottom of the form.

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Adding a mobile user

Mobile users cannot log in to the TIMEDOCK web portal to review data. They can clock employees In/Out via a supported app or device (for example our TimeDock Mobile App).

First log in to and then use the top menu to navigate to Setup > Devices. Then at the top of the devices screen click Add Device to add a new time-capturing device (in this case we are adding a Mobile App User as a time-capturing 'device'). A list of options will appear. Select Mobile App User to be taken to a form where you can enter details and save the new Mobile App User to the system.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I change my account admin or billing user?

First ensure you've already added the new admin from Setup > Admin Users. Then email from the email address you used to register TimeDock, and include details of the new admin as well as instructions of whether you'd like the original admin removed/replaced or allow both as system admins for billing notifications and higher account authority.