Exporting time-sheets from TimeDock into your payroll software

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

From the Payroll export page, select the format you wish to use for your export file.

In most cases your will be asked for a date range and a rounding option. In some cases you may be asked for additional options such as automatic break deductions etc. Fill in the details and then click Download.

Once you have the file saved to your local computer you may import it into your payroll software for pay processing. For step by step instructions on how to import the file into your chosen payroll software, please refer to supplier documentation (often available on their website).

Frequently asked questions about exporting into Payroll.

Does the employee's pay rate within TimeDock determine their pay rate within their Payroll?>

Pay rates within timedock do not typically transfer across into your payroll application. When you send timesheets across to payroll, only the hours worked (and sometimes pay codes or earnings codes) are transferred. All rates and costings within TimeDock are for indicative reporting, whereas your payroll application is responsible for determining exactly how much employees should be paid per hour.

What is the difference between the Payroll Export and Payroll Export Template?

If your payroll application isn't already within our list of supported formats or integrations, you can customise your own CSV timesheet export which can then be imported into a wider range of applications.

What if I don't see our payroll application in the list?

Please reach out to support@timedock.com with a feature request outlining which payroll application you would like to see future support for.