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The TimeTablet device uses a sync process to push and pull data to and from your TimeDock account, to keep your web dashboard and the TimeTablet device up to date with the latest data.

The TimeTablet will automatically attempt to sync periodically, with the length of time since the last sync being displayed in small text at the top of the main screen.

When the device has an active internet connection, data should be pushed and pulled in real-time without it needing to go through a sync process. The purpose of the sync process is to update any new/changed data while the device was offline or turned off.

TimeTablet last sync info

Offline mode

If the TimeTablet device loses internet connection, it will continue to function as normal, however the device will not be able to sync data until an internet connection is restored. The device will continue to attempt to sync data periodically, and once a connection is restored, the device will sync any missed data.

Force sync

Instead of waiting for a period sync to occurr, you can force the TimeTablet to sync by tapping in the middle of the main screen. The text will change to "Syncing" and after a few seconds (depending on the amount of data to sync), if successful, the text will change to "Full sync 0 Minutes ago".

If the text reverts back to the timeframe prior to your sync this indicates that the device does not have a valid internet connection or there's a data problem. See Syncing issues for more information and remedy steps.

Sync reset

The normal sync process will push and pull any new data since the last time a sync was performed. If you need to refresh the data on your TimeTablet device you can perform a database reset which will clear the pulled data on the device (job list, employee list, device settings etc.) and re-pull all relevant data from your TimeDock account, rather than only new data since the previous sync date.

To perform a sync reset, first perform a force sync and make sure the last sync test reads "Full sync 0 Minutes ago". This is to ensure that any unsynced clock entries on the device is synced to your TimeDock account first. Then follow these steps on the device:

  1. Tap your master key card to the device (if you do not have the card, tap on the "AM" or "PM" text 20 times in a row) to access the admin menu.
  2. Tap on the RESET DATABASE option.
  3. Tap on OK in the confirmation prompt.
  4. After you see a notification pop-up informing you that the reset has completed, tap on the back button to go back to the main screen.
  5. The device will now start a full sync of all relevant data within your account.

Performing a database reset on a TimeTablet will first delete all data stored on the device. This includes any clock entries performed while the device was offline and have not yet synced to your TimeDock account. We recommend that you only perform a database reset directly after a successful sync, or if you're not concerned with losing un-synced clock entries.

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