Connect a TimeTablet to a different account

Last updated - Apr 04, 2024 at 3:15PM

In most cases a new TimeTablet will be paired/connected to your TimeDock account before being shipped to you. Follow the below instructions if you need to un-pair/disconnect a TimeTablet from its TimeDock account and pair/connect it to a different account.

Disconnect TimeTablet from an account

  1. Swipe your master key card to the device to access the admin menu.
  2. Tap on the System Settings icon. TimeTablet admin menu system settings
  3. Scroll down and tap on Device > Apps. TimeTablet system settings
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the app list and tap on TimeTablet. TimeTablet app list
  5. Tap on Storage. TimeTablet app info
  6. Tap on Clear Data. A confirmation dialog will appear, tap OK. TimeTablet app clear data

Connect TimeTablet to a new account

  1. If the TimeTablet is not already connected to the internet, swipe your master key card to the device to access the admin menu and select Connect WiFi to connect to your local WiFi network. TimeTablet admin menu connect wifi
  2. In your TimeDock web dashboard, navigate to Setup > Devices and click the Add Device button. Select the Hardware option and then click Next. A connection key will be displayed on-screen. Do not close or navigate away from this screen before you've successfully connected your TimeTablet. Doing so will invalidate the connection process. Generate TimeTablet connection key
  3. Swipe your master key card to your TimeTablet device to access the admin menu and select Dock Device. TimeTablet admin menu dock device
  4. Enter the connection key displayed on-screen in your web dashboard, and then tap the Save Preferences button. If successfully connected, the connection key displayed on-screen in your web dashboard will turn green. If the connection is not successful, check the WiFi connection on the TimeTablet, and enter the connection key again. TimeTablet enter connection key
  5. Once the connection key has turned green on your web dashboard screen, click the Finish button. Your TimeTablet will now be added to your list of devices and you can now manage the permissions and settings from the Setup > Devices page.

    TimeDock devices list

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