LockTag overview

Last updated - Jan 23, 2023 at 9:15AM

This feature is only available on the TimeDock mobile app, and not the wall-mounted TimeTablet devices.

LockTags are a simple way to prevent a device from clocking staff in or out until they first scan a LockTag. If the device is required to scan a LockTag, they must first scan a LockTag which will grant the app a 5-minute window for scanning staff in/out.

Enforce LockTag scanning

By default, each TimeDock user does not need to scan a LockTag when using the TimeDock mobile app. To enforce LockTag scanning for a user, log in to the web portal and then navigate to Setup > Devices. Click on your desired user, and on the next screen click the Show advanced settings and turn on the LockTag Setting.

When to use LockTags

Use LockTags to restrict the locations where specified devices are able to scan staff in/out. By fixing a LockTag QR code or NFC tag to certain locations, specified users must be physically in proximity to scan the LockTag so they can then use the TimeDock app to scan staff in/out. See Scanning tags for more info.

If possible, we recommend using screwable NFC tags for your LockTags. Screw these to your desired locations, and users with NFC enabled Android devices can tap their phone to the NFC tag to scan the LockTag. See Programming LockTag NFC tags for more info.