Programming LockTag NFC tags

Last updated - Jan 23, 2023 at 11:30AM


1. Turn on NFC

Using an Android device, navigate to the settings and ensure that NFC is turned on. This setting can usually be found under Connections or Device connectivity but will vary depending on the Android model and software version.

2. Login to the TimeDock app

Log in to the TimeDock mobile app as an Admin User. If you're already logged in to the app, ensure that it has performed a sync since you added the relevant LockTags(s) into your TimeDock account. The last sync time is displayed under the TimeDock logo on the main camera screen. If it hasn't synced since then, tap the text to force it to sync.

3. Select clock-in mode

On the main camera screen of the app, ensure that the mode is set to clock in, indicated by the green scope. If the scope is red, tap the middle of the screen to change it to green (clock in mode).

4. Encode the card/tag

Tap and hold a blank NFC card or tag to the back of your device until a screen prompt appears. Follow the on-screen instructions to encode the card or tag for a LockTag.

When tapping the card or tag to the device to start encoding, ensure you hold the card or tag to the device until you see a success confirmation. Tapping and removing the card or tag too quickly can result in a partial encoding which will render the card or tag unusable.