Programming Employee NFC Cards or Key Fobs

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

Before setting up Swipe Cards or Key Fobs for your employees, from a TimeDock machine, first ensure that the TimeTablet has performed a sync since you added the relevant employee(s) into your TimeDock account. The last sync time is displayed at the top of the main screen. If it hasn't synced since then, tap the text to force it to sync.

Tap and hold an unused NFC Swipe Card or Key Fob to the side of your device until a screen prompt appears. Follow the on-screen instructions to encode the Swipe Card or Key Fob for an employee.

When tapping the Swipe Card or Key Fob to the device to start encoding, ensure you hold the Swipe Card or Key Fob to the device until you see a success confirmation. Tapping and removing the Swipe Card or Key Fob too quickly can result in a partial encoding which will render the Swipe Card or Key Fob unusable.

Frequently asked questions about programming NFC Cards or Key Fobs

Is it possible for me to reset a key fob – ie change it to a different person?

NFC Cards and Key Fobs cannot be re-assigned or re-written for another employee. Once encoded, they're marked as read-only to prevent tampering. In respect of this, we do not aim to profit from the cards or key fobs and therefore sell them at a nominal rate. If you require a bulk order, please let us know and we can put you in touch with our supplier and offer the instructions you need to acquire workable badges.