How to clock in with the TimeDock QR Code / NFC mobile time clock app

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

This method assumes you have already configured the app on your smartphone.

Clocking in

When you open the app the main screen will start the camera of your phone, allowing you to use the camera as a barcode reader. The default mode when you open the app is set to clocking in and is indicated by the green square outline in the middle of the screen.

Place the QR barcode of the employee ID within the center of the view of the camera to scan the QR barcode. If the app recognises the barcode as one of your employees then they will be clocked in and a message will display to confirm.

For quickly scanning the barcode, experiment with different distances from your phone. Some phones focus better at shorter distances and others at further distances. Generally speaking it should take less than a second to scan the barcode.

Some 'advanced' features may cause there to be more interaction at the point of clocking in or out. For example, if turned on, a screen may display after clocking out to collect some additional information.

Clocking out

On the main app screen, tap the screen to toggle between clocking in and clocking out modes. The clocking out mode is indicated when the square outline in the middle of the screen turns red.