Tracking time against projects

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

A project is a one-time work item. For example a carpenter may begin a new project and call it NEW HOUSE. He can then scan workers In/Out for this project, thereby allocating employee time to it. Once the project is marked as complete he can no longer apply workers' time to it.

To gain access to a Project and begin assigning workers to it simply scan the project card (refer to PROJECTS: Printing project cards for more details) and then tap either Scan in worker or Re-assign worker if the worker is already clocked in on that device.

Once you have gained access to the Project it will appear within the PROJECTS screen (Click the spade icon bottom-left of the mobile app). Next time you wish to assign workers simply tap the project within this screen to view project details and options to scan in workers or re-assign them.

TimeDock project list