Clocking in and out with TimeDock

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

Clocking in/out with the Mobile App is as simple as waving a staff ID card in front of a manager's mobile device (Click for details on printing ID cards). See below for tips.


  1. Give some distance between the phone and the QR barcode. It works best at around 15 to 30cm on many phones; but experiment with yours for best results.
  2. Android phones with NFC enabled can simply tap the phone against our contactless ID cards (refer to Buy PVC cards with smart-chip). You don't even need to have the Mobile App open as long as it is installed on the phone.
  3. In/Outs are generally sent back to TIMEDOCK immediately. Sometimes if there is a poor signal it may timeout and try again in a short while. Check the message at the bottom of the screen to find out how long it has been since the device 'synced' back to TimeDock core servers.
  4. If an employee forgets to clock In/Out then a manual entry must be made online by an administrator.