How to restore and upgrade/downgrade a deleted user

Last updated - Feb 10, 2022 at 9:35AM

TimeDock lets you restore deleted/archived users, as long as they belong to your TimeDock account, and haven't been permanently deleted by an administrator.

To restore a user, simply add a new user record using the same login email as the deleted user.

If the Login Email field displays a red X that means either an active user within your account already uses that email address, or the email address is used by a user in another TimeDock account. Please contact TimeDock support if you require assistance.

Upgrading/downgrading a user role

To move a user between the roles of account user and mobile user, delete the user record, and add a new account user record or mobile user using the same login email as the deleted user. Using the same login email will restore the deleted user as the new user role that you've selected, retaining any existing device connections. You will need to set the password again, however.

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