Clocking in and out with TimeTablet

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM

Clocking in or out

Clocking in/out with TimeTablet is very simple. Tap the employee's NFC card or key fob against the side of the to clock in or out, depending on whether they are already in/out.

If an employee forgets to clock in/out they should report to Admin to make the manual entry on In the instance that an 'out' is expected yet an 'in' is presented this indicates the employee has forgotten to clock in/out previously. If this happens they should swipe again so there is the correct in/out entry they were looking for, and report to admin to amend the mistake.

Frequently asked questions

Can we use our existing security/access cards?

It's unlikely you'll be able to use the same NFC badges between your TimeDock and Security or Access Control systems.

Security and access control cards tend to use a higher-spec RFID or NFC format. In contrast, we've elected to use an ISO standard that's smaller, faster and less expensive for versatility with mobile devices.

Some customers have succeeded with special shielded and durable NFC stickers adhered to the side of their access control cards. We recommend testing first by sending us one of your cards & the on-metal stickers you intend to use, as the two could potentially interfere with each other on our devices, and with your security system as well.

The NFC type we support is Ntag213. They'll need a specific data configuration before you program them with your TimeDock device, or you can use many Android phones with our mobile app.