Sharing a TimeDock timesheet

Sharing Timesheets

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Sharing Timesheets

Sharing the timesheet screen as read-only


TimeDock shared timesheet
  1. Log in into TimeDock and navigate to the timesheet screen.
  2. On the timesheet toolbar, click the 'link' button:
    Share button for TimeDock timesheet
  3. Choose from the following settings:

    Timesheet week

    1. Static week
      Links to the currently selected week of the timesheet, regardless of the date accessed.

    2. Rolling week
      Links to the present-day week, regardless of the date accessed.

    Weekly toggle

    1. Do not allow weeks to be toggled
      Links only to the specific timesheet timeframe that was shared.

    2. Allow weeks to be toggled
      Lets the end-viewer navigate to any timesheet timeframe.

  4. Click 'Generate Link'.
    Tip: Use a URL shortener such as for user-friendly links.

Sharing a timesheet for an individual employee


You can share a summary timesheet for an individual employee by first performing a search on the timesheet screen for the employee's unique payroll ID, preceded with a hastag (i.e. #003), then following the same process as above.

TimeDock shared timesheet