Subscription Pricing & Price Increases Policy

Last updated - Mar 29, 2024

At TimeDock, we prioritise transparency and trust with our pricing structure, offering clear policies on subscription prices and adjustments to ensure you're fully informed.

Pro-Rated Subscription Growth

Our subscription model is designed to grow with your business. It automatically adjusts upwards, on a pro-rated basis, according to the number of active employees within your organisation. For instance, should your subscription initially cover 10 employees at $54/month, and you increase to 11 employees, the following month's charge would include an additional $5.40, aligning with the increased headcount.

Grandfathering Pricing

We value the commitment of our customers and aim to honour our initial pricing agreement for a substantial period. As such, new customers will be "grandfathered" into their signup price (per unit/employee) for at least 12 months following their subscription start date. This means, for example, if a price adjustment occurs two months post-signup, we will apply a discount ensuring the original price is retained for the subsequent 10 months before any increase is applied.

Annual Price Adjustments

TimeDock reserves the right to adjust subscription prices annually, primarily in response to inflation or other industry-related costs, and to sustain the quality and development of our services. We are committed to ensuring that any such adjustments are reasonable and reflect only necessary changes in the economic landscape or enhancements to the TimeDock platform, with a firm policy against more frequent or unreasonably justified increases.

Local Sales Taxes

It is important to note that local sales taxes may be applied to subscription fees at any point, independent of the grandfathering clause. For example, should we begin to collect VAT in Europe, VAT charges would be immediately applied on top of existing tax-exclusive prices. This ensures compliance with local tax regulations and fairness for all customers.

Hardware Pricing Variability

The prices for hardware associated with our platform, such as time clocks or RFID badges, may vary based on manufacturing costs and other external factors. These prices are exempt from the grandfathering clause and the annual restriction on price increases, reflecting the direct costs associated with producing, maintaining and providing high-quality, reliable hardware products.

Promotional Discounts

Any promotional or introductory discounts offered, such as a reduced price for the first twelve months, are not subject to the rules outlined above. For example, the conclusion of a three-month promotional discount does not constitute a price increase under this policy. Such promotions are intended to provide an opportunity for new customers to experience the benefits of TimeDock at a reduced cost.

Optional Add-ons and Upsells

It's important to highlight that opted-in add-ons and upsells do not constitute a "price increase" within the standard definition under our policy. These are additional services or features that a customer can choose to incorporate into their subscription, providing added value and capabilities beyond the base package. Opting for these additional services is entirely at the discretion of the customer, and any related costs are clearly communicated upfront, ensuring that decisions are made with full transparency and control over subscription fees.

Ad-hoc Charges

Our policy also clarifies that ad-hoc charges, such as setup fees, training fees, or any other one-time costs, are excluded from the standard subscription pricing. These charges relate to specific services or actions requested by the customer outside the regular subscription scope, providing additional value and support tailored to individual needs. Like optional add-ons, these costs are communicated transparently before any service is provided, ensuring customers have full visibility and control over their expenditures.


This policy is part of our commitment to maintaining clear, transparent communication with our customers. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust and understanding. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, our team is always here to assist.